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Notes on Use

Please be sure to check the following contents for all users who use "ChoChick".
Also, if a small child plays, be sure to read and explain the guardian together.

About manners in the game

"ChoChick" is an online game that allows unspecified number of users to play at the same time.
"The act of making other users uncomfortable" "The act of annoying other users" is a manner violation. Please be careful with play manners and play it.

Notes at the time of game play

  • Let's keep polite language at remarks in chat.
  • Advice to other users Let gently.
  • Advice from other users also let's act with consideration.
  • Let's make an atmosphere that other users can easily participate in.
  • Avoid words that you do not like in everyday life.
  • Personal information of their own or other users, please do not reveal absolutely.
  • Let's avoid actions that become a nuisance to other users.

For health management

Try not to play long enough to affect the daily life, please play, taking care to health on their own.

Notes at the time of game play

  • Brighten the room and please move away from the screen as much as possible.
  • When playing games for a long time, we recommend you take a rest for about 10 to 15 minutes every hour.
  • Please be sure to take a break if you feel tired headache, eyestrain, hands and arms during the game and your body is tired.
    If pain or discomfort continues, please stop the game immediately and see a doctor.
  • Do not play the game when you are not feeling well enough, such as when you are sick, during sleep deprivation, when you are drinking.
  • On rare occasions, irritation and a strong light from the game screen, by flashing or patterns of light, there are people who experience such as temporary loss of muscle spasms and consciousness. If you are that you have experienced these symptoms, please be sure to consult a doctor before you play the game.
    Further , when such symptoms occurs during the game, to stop the game immediately, please consult a physician.
  • Please try to play the game in a reasonable attitude. A long period of time , to continue the unreasonable attitude , you may cause Fatigue or Injury or pain to the human body.
  • During the game, if you feel an abnormality in the body , such as fatigue or vertigo or nausea, to stop the game immediately, please consult a physician.
  • Even if social, physical and mental troubles occur due to playing the game for a long time, we will not take any responsibility.

About Copyright

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Except as permitted by law, it is prohibited by copyright law to duplicate, process, distribute, re-publish, etc, all or part of these works without prior consent of ChoChick.